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Classics // The Cure – “The Lovecats”

The Cure inadvertently helped create the post-millennial model for emo, but there was always a playfulness beneath all the nihilism (sometimes buried deeper than others), creating this sort of giddy misery.

A deliberate departure from the gloomy sound they became known for, leave it to Robert Smith to pen a pop song about a lovers’ suicide pact. Masked by a jazz-horror frolic that elicits a claustrophobic arousal, “The Lovecats” became their first Top 10 hit in 1983. Smith sets the mood from the get-go with his shifty delivery of “We move like cagey tigers” and later sings “It’s a treacherous thing” with flighty perfection.

Go ahead, try and not to let your legs dangle during this song – it’s meant for steamy nights like this. Happy Cinco de Mayo, hissed the lovecats.

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