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The back porch of The Bootleg Theater isn’t much different than my porch in Ohio. Made of aged wood, scuffled and distressed from the soles of shoes that have gathered on it in the past. It feels broken in like your favorite TV chair. On this particular Monday night, the atmosphere of the porch seemed even more out of place in a city that lacks appreciation for anything genuinely good-natured.

It was the last night of Jenny O’s residency at The Bootleg Theater. Sounds of a string quartet rehearsal echoed throughout the venue and drifted outside to mix with the subtle lighting from flea-market lamps placed around the deck. It was the environment Jenny’s songs were meant to be heard in.

When you meet Jenny, you understand her songs even more. She is welcoming and unassuming, cute and quirky, and above all carries a demeanor of relaxed comfort. Home is an appropriate title for Jenny’s EP, not in regards to the actual location, but credited to the feelings and emotions of revisiting the place where you are from. Jenny was kind enough to play two beautifully warming tracks from the EP (“Won’t Let You Leave”, and “All My Wishes”). Her honest vocals weaved their way in between the plucking of guitar stings, as the songs made their way through the cracks in the porch and drifted out into the night. I missed my porch back home, but I was happy here.

Jenny O – “Won’t Let You Leave”

Jenny O – “All My Wishes”

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