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Air Review – “America’s Son”

For whatever reason, I get into these swings where I can’t listen to music. I’ll try forever, but nothing will sound good for however long these spells last. Sometimes there’s a specific song or band I can only listen to, but other times, the reliable go-to’s won’t even work, and nothing sounds good at all. I don’t really know how to explain it other than comparing it to when you’re sick and can’t taste anything you eat, no matter how many foods you desperately try. Dallas folk-rock band Air Review snapped me out of my funk this week with new single “America’s Son” from their upcoming EP of the same name.

The track worked for me not because it’s especially new or exciting. The song’s actually musically pretty simple but makes you feel good in a composed kind of way, and sometimes that’s enough. There’s comfort and familiarity in its easy harmonies and folksy kindness, and suddenly you’re laying on a grassy hill where the sun’s arms are keeping you safe. As soon as I heard the lyric “I am America’s son, and I’m so inclined to run”, I knew this was it – I can listen to music again. Check out and download the track below.

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