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Today, we are stoked to give you the first installment of our new video series Quit Mumbling TV.  With close to 600 posts now under our belts, we’ve covered a lot of bands that we love. Now, with QMtv, we have the opportunity to work with them and provide you with some fresh new content.  Keep your eyes peeled for QMtv additions in the very near future, but first, we give you Air Waves.

In December, we gave you our official recommendation for Air Waves’s debut album Dungeon Dots.  Soon after, we caught the quartet in San Diego while on tour with Tennis and got them in front of the camera.  Check the T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh directed, Quit Mumbling powered footage of “Lightning” below.  Then, take a look at the interview, which is partly conducted by a very close and furry friend of ours.  After that, listen to new live versions of “Lightning,” “Knockout,” and “Ride” from the session.

View photographs, courtesy of Paley Fairman, from the QMtv session after the jump or over at our Facebook page.




Air Waves- “Knock Out”

Air Waves- “Lightning”

Air Waves- “Ride”

More pictures on our Facebook page.

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