Classics // Nirvana – Live Cuts from Hormoaning

Nirvana- Hormoaning, 2011 Record Store Day Reissue

Yesterday’s announcement about the reissue of Nirvana’s exclusive, Australian EP Hormoaning for Record Store Day 2011 got me digging on YouTube.  The stellar, six track rarity features a Devo cover, one Wipers rendition, two Vaseline takes, and two Nirvana originals.  Buy the reissue on April 16. “Mumble On” to see all six songs performed live.

In my opinion, “Aneurysm” is Nirvana’s best, most under appreciated song.

The second Nirvana original, “Even in his Youth.”

Here’s a wobbly vantage point of the trio doing Devo’s “Turnaround” live at OK Hotel in 1990.

Wipers’ “D-7” live at Reading 1992.

The Vaselines’ “Son of a Gun.”

Nirvana covers the Vaselines’ “Molly Lips’ for MTV. Molly sounds tasty.

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