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Lykke Li – “Love Out Of Lust”

In the heap of Scandinavian songstresses that seem to multiply with each passing year, Lykke Li still reigns supreme. With the voice of the hippest Swedish angel you’ve ever dreamt, her music is the perfect mix of aggressive and vulnerable, creating a sort of electro-infused “powdered-sugar pop”, which is probably the best description I’ve ever heard.

Her vocals convey world-worn depth masked beneath all the intrigue. She has a delicate ferocity that captivates and consumes, and she’s just as good at being seductive and coy (“I’m Good, I’m Gone”, “Little Bit”) as she is at creating an atmospheric sadness and yearning (“Everybody But Me”, “Tonight”). Her musical instincts are fascinating and nothing ever feels inorganic or forced, maybe because she’s just damn cool enough to pull it all off. I like Lykke Li very much.

“Love Out Of Lust” is the newest track released off her sophomore effort Wounded Rhymes, due out March 2. It sweeps you right up in a lush haze that seems to be an ode to the blurred freedom of youth. As a three-day weekend special, also check out the Drake remix of “Little Bit” that actually kinda works and “Window Blues” from debut album Youth Novels, both posted below. She’ll be playing at the El Rey and poolside at Skybar in March, check out her website for all other tour dates.


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