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Jesse Woods – “Ugly Dress”

I swear that if I have to listen to another person debate the pros and cons of the home recording movement in indie music I’ll stick a fork in my eye.  Yes, people can record music on their laptops, yes some of it is good, and of course some of it (alot of it) is really really shitty.  But, just as an old college roommate of mine once told me about girls, “You have to slay a few dragons to get to the princess”- the same can be said about music made in a less-than-pro studio.  In this case, Jesse Woods is that princess.  Not just another guy with an acoustic guitar- Mr. Woods combines crafty phrases, sweet melodies, and raw recordings (I believe done on Garage Band) to create a sound that just comes together perfectly.  To me, the song “Ugly Dress” sounds like a warm glass of whiskey on a rainy night…

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