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QM Premiere: Superhumanoids- “Contemporary Individual” (Portmanteau Remix)

Superhumanoids Contemporary Individuals Remix Portmanteau Quit Mumbling Premiere
Superhumanoids‘ stellar 6 track EP Urgency may no longer be enough to hold you over until the rising Los Angeles quartet finally drops their first full length, but if you’re looking in the right places, you’ve already found plenty of extras to make the wait easier.  As Quit Mumbling has noted before, they do a grand job at providing exciting alternative takes on other artists’ material.  Well, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” because the UK electro duo Portmanteau has give Superhumanoids’ “Contemporary Individual” a lush makeover of their own.

The original is a moving yet minimal production that surrounds the singer, a somber Cameron Parkins, with cold, soothing electronics.  Portmanteau blows all of that up, turning the under three minute piece into an over six minute jam by chopping the song’s subtle synth into a rattling, robotic riff and distorting the vocals into a computerized soul machine.  Still, the crazed Brits leave their deepest impression once Sarah Chernoff’s back up melodies roll in.  They screw and twist her voice against the vibrating electro beat for an effect that is at once eerie, sensual, and extremely sexy.  Portmanteau vividly reinvents an already terrific song.  Just remember that Quit Mumbling dropped it on everyone first.

Stay tuned for more QM premieres and great work from Superhumanoids.

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