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Gil Scott Heron – “I’m New Here”

Ok, I’ll admit it- for quite some time my knowledge of Gil Scott Heron extended only to the chant shouted by James Murphy in “I’m Losing My Edge”.  Taking Mr. Murphy’s advice I finally got around to listening to GSH’s newest release “I’m New Here”, and damn is it good.  It’s insightful, it’s the type of album you pour a glass of whiskey to, smoke a cigarette, and get educated.  It’s the type of album you hang on to every word of, you want to learn the lessons that Mr. Heron is teaching.  The title track “I’m New Here” is a beautiful song.  The title says everything, a legend returning to a scene he once knew, only to find out how much it’s changed.  So throw some Makers over ice, light a Marlboro, and just listen…

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